The Blackmore Story

Blackmore Real Estate was founded with a rebellious spirit and a big dream that played over and over in our heads like a great rock ‘n roll anthem.  Every great idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple; we didn’t want our clients to feel like they were being pushed through a sales system.  We realized the old school sales model didn’t match the fun, authentic and collaborative experiences we’ve always shared with our clients. That’s when the adventure started and Blackmore was born. 

Featured Edmonton & Area Homes

Our homes reflect who we are, what we value and how we want to live.  We strive  to bring real estate back to the kitchen table where  we connect, talk, laugh and plan for life’s great adventures.  

We believe in story telling and that each home has a unique story to tell.  Using  a collaborative explosion of creativity, on point marketing and branding and  trail blazing technology, we artfully craft a story to attract home buyers to your Edmonton & area property. 

Supporting Cast

The most important thing about business is people and those who significantly influence them and  their journey along the way.  We believe there is so much to be gained from surrounding yourself with a collective of  people who support you, push you to  achieve great things and allow you to shine. 

Call it a clan, a network, a tribe or a family. Whatever you call it, these are the people behind the scenes that support us and push us to be the best versions of ourselves.


People don’t develop personal relationships with brands.  They engage with the awesome people who give the brand meaning, personality and life. 

We’re vibrant, and cheeky. We always question the status quo, buck trends and aren’t afraid to be different all while providing heartfelt service and staying true to our core values.

Visit our gallery, have a laugh, read about a great cause and see why we believe it’s so important to embrace our true selves