Trevor Matheson


Speaks: English




Hi, I’m Trevor!

When I realized that pursuing a career in real estate is what I’m truly passionate about, my plans of being a drummer in a rock'n'roll band had to be put on the back burner. My love for travelling, adventure and my three dogs Olive, Stella and Chloe is unmatched by anything else in the world. I attribute my easy going, friendly and outgoing nature to have propelled me to great heights throughout my career and personal life. Being born and raised in Edmonton, my childhood was filled with epic and exciting memories that shaped the “can do” attitude I possess today. With mentorship from my grade 11 English teacher, Mr. Pezim, I gained the confidence to dream big and realize that a career in real estate would help me quickly progress to the next chapter of my life. Throughout my 20 years as a Realtor®, I noticed that I didn’t find myself willing to be part of a competitive battleground; but rather thrive in a collaborative environment which allows for the development of organic and quality connections with my clients. With this spirit, I embarked on my journey with Blackmore Real Estate. Maintaining personable interactions with my clients, especially in an age where technology can be a detriment, is my top priority.

Over the years, I maintained a balance between my desire to grow my business, as well as my yearning for exploring and travelling. By overseeing agent opportunities, I aspire to expand Blackmore, its core values, and ethical approach to doing real estate. On a personal level, I aspire to embark on more travel adventures and be able to have the freedom of doing whatever I set my mind to. When life gets stressful, dirt biking and a good tune is what helps me wind down. If there is one person I can thank for getting me through my day, it is my one and only Ashley !

10 Facts about Trevor :

1. My childhood hero : Tommy Lee

2. If I were a colour I would be : BMW’s Tanzanite Blue

3. I spend every staff meeting : Wondering how the table got through the door

4. I am obsessed with : American politics

5. I am fluent in : Computer lingo

6. If I were a dog I would be a : Jack Russell

7. I have a encyclopedic knowledge of : Music

8. Something I keep on my desk : Stress busting toys

9. Generous giver of : Nicknames

10. Connoisseur of : The stock market 

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