Cody Black


Speaks: English, Mandarin




Hi I’m Cody !

If I didn’t fall in love with the exciting world of real estate, you could probably find me flying planes around the world. I possess a deep love for culture, travel, and exploration. Finding ways to balance these pleasures with my highly ambitious and “on the go” nature is something I work towards every day. I’ve been told that my detail oriented nature and perfectionist attitude are some of my most valuable qualities. Growing up in Brunei and Kuala Lumpur, I knew just how much diversity and opportunities the world had to offer. Like grass breaking through concrete, I expanded my horizons and looked towards Canada as an avenue for personal and professional growth. Throughout high school I struggled to find a career that would be a great fit for me. With the support of my mother, Joyce, who instilled in me the importance of perseverance, I kept searching until I came across multiple personal stories of real estate agents, who talked about their fulfilling career. Finally finding the answers to my “existential” questions propelled me into pursuing obtaining my license. I joined Blackmore because I share and support their ethically based values. Real estate is about people foremost. Building relationships that are based in honesty, trust, and respect is my top priority.

For most of my days I am pouring all of my passion, focus and energy into pursuing long lasting commitments that will impact our community for the better. Whether it is educating myself on social justice issues, climate change, or local charities, I look at the future with a hopeful and positive attitude, knowing the importance of advocating for meaningful change. When I take the occasional “re-charge” break, I spend most of my time trying out new recipes with my girlfriend, Karina, and excessively pampering our West Highland Terrier, Jack.

10 Facts about Cody :

1. My pet peeves: People who litter!

2. My Happy Hour drink : Classic Mojito

3. My astrological sign : Libra

4. Favorite Restaurant : Co Do Hue

5. If I were an animal I would be : A chinchilla

6. Countries on my bucket list : Malta, Japan and Romania

7. First Job : Cashier at London Drugs

8. I am happiest when I am : Travelling

9. An instrument I want to learn how to play : The Saxophone

10. My biggest fear : Spiders

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