Sheri Grier


Speaks: English




Hi, I'm Sheri !

Confident, upbeat and enthusiastic are a few of the characteristics that undoubtedly define me. If being a Realtor® wasn’t written in the stars, I would have definitely channeled my passion for literature into writing my very own novel. Being born in Burnaby, British Columbia gave me the wonderful opportunity to grow up exploring the spectacular nature found throughout this beautiful province. These experiences grounded me and shaped me into the individual I am today. My attention to detail, passion for excellence and ambitious attitude are the values I work to uphold as I move forward in both my personal and professional life.

I joined Blackmore Real Estate with the philosophy of being surrounded by a team who shares the spirit of collaboration and upholds an individual-centered approach. Making meaningful lifetime connections is what real estate should be all about! Throughout my career, I’ve had the pleasure of helping people from all walks of life be satisfied and happy in their buying and selling journeys. I prioritize giving my clients a true sense of confidence even when it comes to the littlest of details, such as choosing new flooring. Everyone has a story and I’m so eager to hear yours !

A traveller at heart, I took to exploring the beautiful islands of Hawaii and absolutely fell in love with the island of Maui. Alongside my ongoing goal of helping my clients, I’d love to one day get the opportunity to fully immerse myself in a different culture and learn all about the people, food and sights! My personal goal is to make a difference by supporting the causes that matter to me most, such as the ongoing efforts to save the children. After a long day, I wind down by playing a good game of scrabble with my friends and family.

10 Facts about Sheri :

1. If I were a colour I would be : The colour of a tropical ocean!

2. My go to show on Netflix: Anything about solving crime or that makes me giggle!

3. Favourite quote or personal motto: You can do this!

4. Favourite movie line: Go ahead…Make my day…!

5. Best concert I ever attended: Queen!

6. Best part about my job: Helping my clients achieve their real estate dreams!

7. I spend every staff meeting : Hoping someone will make me laugh :)

8. Something I keep on my desk: What desk? I work everywhere!

9. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of : Inexpensive places to retire and drink wine!

10. Generous giver of : High fives to people who need it. Wait, that’s everyone!

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