Rob Aldridge


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Hi, I’m Rob!

I grew up in a large family. We went on camping trips in the summer. One year we piled into Mom and Dad’s 1970 Ford van and drove from Edmonton to Halifax. I’ve never counted so many trees in all my life. As kids we knocked on our neighbour’s doors to see if we could shovel the snow for extra money. As a 12 year old I got my first paper route and delivered the Edmonton Journal every morning before school. We worked hard and played hard. We used to dance at the front of the movie theater before the movies started. Good times.

As a young boy I fell in love with music. The double bass was my instrument of choice. This love became the focus of much of my life and shaped who I am today. My determination and drive helped me earn diplomas, certificates, a BMus (McGill) a MMus (Yale) and I am currently a member of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

In 2013 I became a Realtor®. This had been one of my quiet dreams that I was able to realise once I had accomplished my goals in music. I started hard out of the gate and quickly started selling. I have learned over the years that quality is far greater than quantity. I provide a focus to each of my clients that I am proud of and that allows me to also enjoy my life.

I am proud to call Blackmore Real Estate home. A local company with a collaborative approach and a desire to give quality service to each person that we serve.

10 Things about Rob

1)I love Good Coffee
2)I like weight lifting, yoga and avoiding cardio
3)I wish ice cream was a fat loss tool
4)I perform on an Italian instrument made in 1791
5)I love to travel and secretly want to live in Hawaii
6)I lived in a village on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia as a member of Canada World Youth
7)I remember when my $1/week allowance could buy me a bag of chips, a chocolate bar and I’d have change!
8)I have performed in Carnegie Hall
9)I have the same clock radio that woke me up as a boy to deliver the news. The snooze button still works
10)I love helping people find their home base

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