Brittany Ewaskiw


Speaks: English



Hi, I’m Brittany !

I’ve been told that my fun and quirky spirit is what truly defines me! Before embarking on the journey of becoming a REALTOR®, I was dedicated to my career as a chemical technologist. After a rewarding time in the chemistry field, I chose to apply my analytical, interpersonal, and teamwork skills to the exciting world of real estate! My passion for real estate stems from being able to connect with my clients in meaningful ways, all while creating a stress free process to either buy, sell, or both!

Joining Blackmore Real Estate, I found their fun vibe and collaborative spirit admirable. Being part of a team where everyone is so diverse is vital to me. I continuously dedicate myself to growing and learning, and that is why I am working to expand my education in multiple sectors of real estate. To me, true success lies in being a part of something larger in life. Through helping my clients meet their real estate goals, I hope that I can make a greater impact on the lives of others. 

Alongside my ongoing goal of helping my clients, I want to be the best mom I can be to my kids! Spending time with my family, while exploring the beautiful rocky mountains is what brings me the most joy. The best advice I hope to always carry with me is “You don’t need everyone in the world to like you, and not everyone is going to love you and that’s okay.” After a long day, I wind down by cuddling with my Australian Shepherd Avi, and watching my guilty pleasure : trash reality TV

10 Facts about Brittany :

1. If I were a colour I would be : a very loud hot pink
2. My go to show on Netflix: anything reality based or true crime
3. Favourite type of clothing : I will find any reason to wear lounge wear
4. Favourite ice cream flavour: it’s a toss up between bubble gum or cotton candy
5. Best concert I ever attended: Garth Brooks
6. Best part about my job: meeting new people on a regular basis and helping them find their forever home.
7. I spend every staff meeting : taking notes and cracking jokes
8. Something I keep on my desk: a delicious smelling candle
9. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of : all things snack related
10. Generous giver of : hugs

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