Jamie Tidwell

Jamie Tidwell, REALTOR®

Speaks: English



Hi, I’m Jamie!

Past coworkers would describe me as confident, driven, organized, detail oriented, a lover of English and the written word, and a good communicator. People who love me would add bubbly, full of laughter, and ridiculously authentic. The term most used to describe me in all my relationships is real, and I take great pride in that. People and my connections with them are of the utmost importance to me!

That’s why when I met Denise, Trevor, and Kent I immediately knew that I wanted to be part of the Blackmore family. Our interactions were genuine, open, and warm – qualities that are the pinnacle of what being a good Realtor® is all about!

My work history is most rich in administration and hospitality, but I’ve done everything from cleaning homes to rock picking (in a tractor and by hand) on a seed farm to aiding in the production of medical marijuana to being a professional singer (a journey that had me recording an album in Nashville many moons ago). For over 20 years I worked two and sometimes three jobs, so “the grind” or “can’t stop, won’t stop” mentality is absolutely within my comfort zone!

Outside of my professional life what brings me the most joy is my cat Dexter (if he’d let me, I might pet him forever), singing (of course), the gym (heavy lifting), and my wonderful family, including my parents, older brother, nephew, and several amazing women I’m blessed to call my best girlfriends. My fellow agents at Blackmore are quickly being added to this list; everyone I’ve met has been immediately willing to help mentor me toward success, and I’m so grateful!

Something I look forward to: Cultivating all kinds of new relationships with my clients and (a few years from now) mentoring other single women coming into this field so that they too can find a fulfilling career they’re passionate about!

Something aging has taught me: How to laugh (heartily) at myself.

Odd habit of mine: I use and prefer the US English keyboard, so if you notice in my written communications words like favorite and color, I chose those spellings on purpose. ; )

Favorite movie quote: As context is needed, I won’t type it out here, but I encourage you to look up this scene on YouTube: The Thorn Birds (1983, ABC): "Oh GOD, how much!" As one commenter responds below the video, “Such a powerful, cut-to-the-bone performance.” The entire miniseries is pretty great. It stars Barbara Stanwyck, Richard Chamberlain, and Rachel Ward.

Favorite piece of advice: “When they say it’s impossible…remember that only applies to people with no vision or grit. So that may be true for them, but it’s not for you.”

Final Thoughts: I am smart, capable, and teachable. I can’t wait to start my journey with you! Share your selling/buying needs and desires with me and I’ll tailor our path together for success. I’m so excited to put my passion for excellence forward in the world of real estate! My goal is a fulfilling career helping others.

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