We get it, you’re asking yourself what does music have to do with real estate? Here us out. 
We’re taking a page from music history and remembering a time before spotify, social media and illegal downloads. A time when music was kept silent until it was released. Remember when people went genuinely nuts over a band releasing a new album or track? When The Beatles and Zeppelin were idolized for their rebellious styles, pushing of boundaries and for sparking major change in the music industry? We do!
We use these iconic trailblazers as inspiration on how we want to live and how we want to change industry. We believe in the edge-of- our seats and jump-up-and cheer moments in real estate and in life; the same feeling you felt all those years ago when you got your first vinyl copy of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. We want to bring that feeling back, and if we can rock out to some good tunes at the same time, then that’s totally rad.